Appreciating the Moon Yutang Lin

Sunlight strong, causing people to lower their heads in escape
Clear radiance in dark night, often led people to raise sight to the moon

Cloudy or clear, round or crescent
Risen from here, fallen down there
These were witnessed from some place at some time
Circling in constant companionship without break
Reflecting sunlight round and bright
Such is the original face of the Moon

Flew to the Moon in escape from worldly affairs
Chang E was not afraid of freezing expanse and lonely silence
To attain perfect enlightenment
How could a practitioner remain stagnant in worldly bustle

One mind in Bodhi, we are scattered all over the globe
Looking up to the Moon, our sights will meet in communion

Note: Chang E was a beauty in ancient Chinese legend. She took some fairy medicine and then flew to the Moon.

Upon request from disciple Si Rong on Mid Autumn Festival
Written in Chinese and translated on September 13, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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