Praise to Kurukulla Yutang Lin

Great compassion, responding to sentient beings' capacities, exerts inducing
Thousands of ways and hundreds of plans employed in enticing and converting
Unless all sentient beings have comprehended and attained full enlightenment
Thorough and detailed guidance and encouragement will never cease to function
Supreme merits and wisdom of all Buddhas are hooked by you to spread to all beings
Deluded thoughts and biased inclinations of beings are shot down by your floral arrows
Your ropes of compassion wind around and around lest beings go astray or fall behind
Your joyful countenance attracts beings into practice and realization of lively application
Mother Buddha of great wisdom, displaying all kinds of ingenious and skillful means
Countless Dharma sons and daughters will all take refuge in you and the Triple Gems

Dedication of Merits for a Simple Sadhana of Kurukulla Yutang Lin

May Mother Buddha mercifully bestow her compassionate watch over us
So that all sentient beings would know to take refuge in the Triple Gems
Until we all attain full enlightenment, never to leave us for even a second
So that Dharma teachings will spread far and wide to save all sorts of beings

Upon request from disciple Jing Xing
Written in Chinese on August 6, 2008
Translated on August 8, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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