The Flow of Karma

Yutang Lin

Myriads kinds of individual karmas committed mentally, by speech or deeds
Mixed and mingled together to form a boundless flow
Transmigration of sentient beings in the Six Realms
Are the many facets of this flow of karmas

A sentient being, tiny and insignificant
Moves around without freedom
Encounters situations without choices
Driven by individual grasping and personal views
Incessantly creating karmas through responses
And yet entrapped ever deeper into the whirlpool of karmic flow
Suffering without knowing an exit
In darkness with no bright lamp in sight

To escape above the karmic flow
First of all, one needs to cease repetitive karmic creation through responses
Whatever heard or saw, let it pass
So that one's mind has a tranquil rest
In addition, recognize Buddha's epithet as a rope of salvation
String them together, one string of repetitions after another

If you are already aware that
The flow of karma is quite horrible and human existence is but powerlessness
Treasure this kind of advice
Strenuously practice the repetition of holy epithets accordingly

Written in Chinese and translated on June 9, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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