Grasping-to-form Entanglement

Yutang Lin

Observed what others did
Interpreted them as like this or like that
Then kept brooding over such matters
In time one couldn't help responding, or even exploding

When both sides are like this
It becomes far more complicated
Unending stirring of
You are like this, I am like that

Unable to see clearly that
Those are all confusion knitted biased by deluded thoughts

To rise above such mire and become free
First of all, realize that all thoughts are distortion of reality
And mutual responding in cycles will only enhance perplexity
Instead, repeat Buddha's epithet and do prostrations to Buddha
Later when there is only Buddha's epithet in mind
And one cares no longer and no more who is like what
Only then can one appreciate
So nice to be free from such mental agitation
And enjoy a sound sleep with peace in mind

Written in Chinese on May 12, 2008
Translated on May 13, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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