The Final Pass

Yutang Lin

Do you see it
The final pass, Gate of Life and Death
Not visible to the naked eyes
In mind each one realizes this more or less

Step by step one approaches it
    How to face it

Water passes narrow canyons
    Simply by flowing along the stream
Rafts float over rapid torrent
    Could hardly avoid being overturned

Creating karmas and accumulating matters
    Similar to a boat with heavy load
Bodhi intentions and activities
    Diminish and melt personal grasping

Which way will pass the Gate easier
    Why need to wait for others to tell

Let go what can be let go
What you wouldn't leave behind, also need to be left alone
    It is beyond human to determine
Do you still want to create karmas
    Still want to accumulate matters

Written in Chinese and translated on January 6, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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