Yutang Lin

Crown of a Dharma King, very solemnly I had received
A tiny one, worn on the top knot
But that happened after many years of Dharma services
Gradually saw myself wearing uniforms of
Lieutenants, colonels, and then generals
The Salvation Army of Buddha, once joined
Depending on labor and merits accumulated
One rises in rank only step by step

Small round cap of Guru Rinpoche
The first one made was unsatisfactory, so I wore it myself
Then gave details for improvement and had one carefully made
It was offered on the lap of Sakyamuni, to supplicate for blessing
From Guru Rinpoche
May my wearing it will bless all viewers to share
The special favor of being in Guru Rinpoche's presence
  I would not wear it arrogantly without first received the permission

Buddha sons and daughters who aspire to such coronation
Be sure to devote the rest of your life completely to Dharma
Otherwise, you will only circle round and round in transmigration
How could you expect to talk about whatever fancy aspirations

Written in Chinese and translated on November 17, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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