Grace of the Presence of Guru Rinpoche

Yutang Lin

Right before I woke up at 2:43 a.m. on September 14, 2007 I saw Guru Rinpoche in a dream.

The day before, we made pilgrimage to the Stainless Manjusri Palace on the Northern Terrace of the Wu Tai Shan (Five-terrace Mountain) in China. Right before we departed, I offered a Khata to the Guru Rinpoche statue there that is made of Han white jade. While repeating his heart mantra in making the offering I was deeply moved because I could appreciate his great compassion in propagating Tantric teachings. This morning he already bestowed on me the grace of his presence. The dream went as follows:

Four or five people carried a statue of Guru Rinpoche and set it on a chair in front of me. They left. Immediately the statue transformed into a small person of baby-size, with round face and round eyes. He moved his face and eyes, then his hands. He wore a small sailor hat of bright orange color. The hat fell down to his front, I caught it and wanted to put it up on his head. Guru said (in Chinese), "No need; I will do it myself." Then the hat flew up by itself, and settled down on Guru's top. I knelt in front of his seat. Guru sat on the handle, to his right, of the chair and leaned his body to his right to form a 45-degree angle. I raised my left hand up a bit lest he would fall down, but no such thing happened. Guru said (in Chinese), "Buy some newspapers for me to read." It was right after events of huge earthquakes in Indonesia that led to Tsunamis affecting several countries in south-eastern Asia. Guru's compassion encompasses sentient beings in this degenerated age of Dharma, and hence there was such a merciful instruction.

Then the scene in the dream changed. A female disciple went to a river and scooped up some water with a bowl. I had a bowl of hot water in my hand, and I added hot water into her bowl, and then I poured the lukewarm water on the ground. Then a puppy came and drank up the water, and I understood that the puppy was a transformation of Guru Rinpoche. The teaching therein is that sentient beings of purity could also be transformations of the Guru, and hence we should respect all sentient beings; furthermore, making offerings to sentient beings would amount to making offerings to Guru Rinpoche.

This blessed disciple Yutang carefully recorded this blessing event to commemorate Guru Rinpoche's grace, and to share the grace with all beings. I praised Guru with this stanza:

Round face, round eyes, baby Guru Rinpoche was so alive,
Round hat flew up all by itself, what supernatural power!
Compassion encompassing all beings, want to read news,
All sentient beings being equal, Guru appeared as a puppy!

Written in Chinese at 3:47 a.m. on September 14, 2007
Wu Tai Shan, Shan Xi, China
Note: This morning I had already asked disciple Guo Zi Feng to make another pilgrimage trip today up to the Northern Terrace to offer some newspapers in front of the statue of Guru Rinpoche there.

Translated on September 29, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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