Causal and Conditional Matters

Yutang Lin

Disciple Wen Ying asked
Why mentioned dreams and interpreted them
As if they were substantial
Isn't it grasping insubstantial matters as real

Regarding waking moments as real, and dreams as insubstantial
Such is the dualistic distinction of real versus unreal

All things in waking moments are constantly evolving
How to grasp them as real
Matters learned in dreams are not seldom without correspondences
How could they all be unreal

As Dharma taught, not to fall into either extreme
How should it be

If they are all of Blank Essence
Things in sight or in dreams are all so vivid and alive
What should we as worldlings do

Just understand matters to be causal and conditional
    Then waking and dreaming states could be viewed as equal
Be it wakeful or in dream, no more distinction of real or unreal
    Matters are only causal and conditional
All things are present when causal conditions gathered
    And absent when causal conditions failed to meet

Comprehending the causal and conditional nature of all matters
One knows that there is no absolute and unchangeable Self
Hence the Essence of all matters is said to be Blank
What is meant by Blank Essence
Is the nonexistence of an absolute and unchangeable Self
Hence only causal and conditional matters remain

Causal and conditional matters and Blank Essence
Two aspects of one comprehension
Each and every thing is causal and conditional
Each and every thing is of Essence Blank

Written in Chinese and translated on October 29, 2007
Lunar September 19, anniversary of Guan Yin's Renunciation of Worldly Life
The Guru Golden Guan Yin Thangka arrived
El Cerrito, California

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