Not Following on One Point

Yutang Lin

As people brought out this point
    There must be reasons behind it
As Guru mentioned this matter
    There were considerations therein for your long-term well-being

As to this matter, I have my own solutions
Only on this point I am not following Guru's instructions
    Thus thinks the disciple who chooses not to follow

Matters in the world all involve choices made at each step along the way
And thus they evolve bit by bit

Only a bit of deviation at one point
Could result in further and further divergence
Only a bit of hesitation at one time
Could hardly avoid deeper and deeper entrapment

Guru has no grasping
Having stated an advice, good intention and service were already offered
Listened to or not, it all depends on each listener's propensity and circumstance
Long-term and far-reaching consequences are all up to your own choices

Written in Chinese and translated on October 28, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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