Thinking This and That

Yutang Lin

Thinking this and that
Is like walking waveringly hither and thither

As thoughts move this way or that way
Either about one's this or that
Or on others' such and such
As thoughts twine and wind
They circle round and round in a itty-bitty loop
Not only have they not stepped out a pace
Not to mention, walking on the Bodhi path

Even when thoughts turn on Dharma teachings or activities
As long as one is submerged in thinking this and that
One will walk with ties and baggage
And could not help waver hither and thither

Concentrate on solid practice of chanting Buddha's epithet or mantra
And thereby purify your thought
Thoughts originally pure will naturally remain unmixed
Thus walking on the Bodhi path
Will yield sturdy and vigorous steps


Written in Chinese and translated on October 28, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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