Just as Buddha Were Present

Yutang Lin

It is commonly said, pay homage to gods as gods were present
For us Buddhists, we worship Buddha as Buddha were present
Indeed, Buddha is absent at no time and no where
Before we realize this through our own experiences
We can only say, just as Buddha were present

Gurus and patriarchs who had entered Nirvana
May seem no longer present
And yet disciples engaging in solid practices and deeds
Often continue to receive their timely instructions
Hence disciples remain respectful and observant
Just as Buddha were present

In case faith had been bleached and chipped
How to remedy the situation
Buddha sustains no accounting
Only need to repent sincerely, just as Buddha were present
Then faith will be restored completely


The inspiration for this work originally came with only ideas for the first two stanzas. Right then, before I opened my eyes, I saw a vertical line of Chinese characters as follows:
Xiao Yan (name of a disciple): "(an image of a heart with a chip and cracks), how to remedy"
Therefore, I added the third stanza. This serves as an example of the omnipresence of Buddha.

Written in Chinese and translated on October 28, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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