Heaven-and-man Offerings

Yutang Lin

Disciple Ben Jing (Original Purity), who aspired to practice Chod, received some instruction in a dream, that he should request teachings on "Heaven-and-man Offerings" from me. Thus I taught the following:
The practice of Chod lies mainly in visualization. Even though it has inconceivable effects, its application in daily life should be substantiated through offerings and alms-giving at the Heaven-and-man level so as to achieve absolute and fundamental cutting off of grasping to body and self. Furthermore, offerings and almsgiving of substances such as foods and clothing as well as of various spiritual enjoyments, even though they are at the Heaven-and-man level, should also be accompanied by visualizations of complete offering of all treasures in the whole Dharmadhatu, so as to sustain the all encompassing view and mind-set of Chod, and hence become applications of Chod in daily life.

This teaching becomes available for all to share because of an instruction received in a dream, and it is very helpful on the daily application aspect of Chod, therefore, I praised it as follows:
Visualizations of Chod encompass the whole Dharmadhatu,
Heaven-and-man offerings are to be practiced in daily life.
All treasures in the Three Realms are to be offered in full,
Only such conducts are in accordance with original purity.

Written in Chinese on September 16, 2007 in Xi An, Shan Xi, China
Translated on October 1, 2007 in El Cerrito, California

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