In Praise of Goddess of Earth

Yutang Lin

Praise to Solid Stable Goddess of Earth

Upholding all things and allowing their stepping and trampling,
Receiving excretion and discharge without rejection or refusal,
Treasures and harvests are all offered and arbitrarily taken away,
Graceful merits of the Goddess of Earth simply are immeasurable.

Supplication to Solid Stable Goddess of Earth

Greed and evil of beings in the six realms damaged profits of the Earth.
Thus brought forth karmic catastrophes of earth quakes, fire and water.
Propagating Dharma ways to establish a Pureland for all to live in peace,
May Mother Solid Stable protect and sustain us, so all will live at ease.

Reverently composed upon request of Upasaka Ben Jing
It is to be included in the Collection of Praises for Lunar 29th, after the Dragon King
Written in Chinese and translated on July 13, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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