Supplication to Longevity Buddha

Yutang Lin

The world is in such turmoil and so many are still ignorant and deluded,
To practice Dharma, attain realization, and spread teachings are difficult.
Human existence is like a flame fluctuating at the mercy of blowing wind,
This physical body, day by day, is only becoming feebler and deteriorated.

May Longevity Buddha all Dharma practitioners well care for as offspring,
Let their lives be as solid and indestructible as the Wisdom Vajra of Tantra,
So they may attain full and perfect enlightenment and then help all the rest,
Long stay in this suffering world to serve as the guardian of sentient beings.

Reverently composed upon request of disciple Zhi Xuan Zhang
Written in Chinese and translated on July 9, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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