Willingly Renounce Attachments

Yutang Lin

Self-centered grasping is difficult to let go and unwilling to give up.
Deeply trapped in labyrinth of mind is damaging to one and others.
After long practices of Dharma one enjoys no attachment to matters.
Salvation activities gained accomplishment without prearrangement.


One's grasping is difficult to renounce and unwilling to let go because one has not recognized clearly that self-limitation is biased, misleading and damaging to oneself and others. After long years of devoted Dharma services one realizes that, the more thorough the eradication of one's attachments the more occurrences of and the more distinctive are inconceivable supernatural experiences and salvation functions. Therefore, one voluntarily renounces grasping and ceases to hold pre-established views so that one may allow all things to flow through a fresh and clear mind. Thus, in the absence of contrivances, salvation activities naturally and incessantly arise and become accomplished.

Written in Chinese and translated on June 18, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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