Yutang Lin

Teaching of "Non-form" indicates non-attachment to form.
Misinterpreted, it is adopted as holding to absence of form.
Abiding in no forms at all, one falls into the abyss of void.
Only in no grasping to form or non-form lies true liberation.


The "Non-form" teaching in Dharma indicates that we should be free from grasping to form. When mind moves freely without grasping to anything it will function lively in endless ways and manners beyond the considerations of form or non-form.

Some misunderstood the essence of the teaching on "Non-form" and became grasping to no forms at all. Whatever activities that involved some kind of form were deemed by them as unnecessary or as something to be avoided. Consequently, they became lofty and impractical in cultivation of causal conditions without realizing their biased shortcomings.

Disciple Pian Zhao requested me to expound on this point and to write it out to help clarify this crucial point for Buddhists who had misunderstood it.

Written in Chinese on June 9, 2007
Translated into English on June 10, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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