Praise to Taras

Yutang Lin

Taras, the salvation mothers, born of compassionate tears of Guan Yin,
Green Tara pacifies calamities; White Tara grants merits and longevity.
In total there are twenty-one Taras and one even appears to be wrathful.
From calamities of earth, water, fire or wind beings are saved by them.
Delivering offspring upon supplication, up to guarding enlightenment,
Each and every wish, worldly or transcendental, is mercifully fulfilled.
As in deep water and hot fire sentient beings' sufferings are incessant,
Relying on motherly compassion we constantly think of mother Taras.


Disciple Zhi Xuan requested me to write Green Tara's mantra in Calligraphy. Upon seeing it, disciple Pian Zhao requested me to write a praise to Taras. Among the twenty one Taras one appears as wrathful. The Taras are in charge, respectively, of saving beings from various kinds of calamities; all sorts of natural disasters and human tragedies are all included. The "Guan Yin that delivers offspring," renown to Chinese, is a Tara. Even when Siddhartha was on the verge of attaining enlightenment it was Green Tara who protected him and warded off the devils. Sentient beings are in deep suffering, and hence we desperately look forward to motherly salvation. Therefore, to Taras who mercifully grant help and salvation to all beings we especially hold them dear in our hearts.

Written in Chinese and translated on April 29, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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