Praise to Dakas

Yutang Lin

Vajra solid and erect to enter the deep secret palace,
Wondrous innate joy attained beyond time and space.
Union of pleasure and non-self achieved in Dakinis,
And original purity of lust revealed, all through you!


Upasaka Zhang Yu wrote me an email, saying that, since Guru Chen composed praises to Dakinis, in order to benefit female tantric practitioners he requested me to compose praises to Dakas, i.e., male Sunyata practitioners, so that supplication to the Root of Sunyata Pleasure would be complemented and completed. Hence I composed this praise.

May female practitioners of Buddhist Tantra all have the opportunity to be blessed by virtuous Dakas of attainment, and thereby soon attain fully the originally pure wondrous joy of Sunyata Pleasure!

Written in Chinese and translated on April 22, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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