Single-minded Pure Faith

Yutang Lin

One thought of single-minded pure faith arose in his mind, that
Guru Chen was indeed an incarnation of Bodhisattva Manjusri!
Immediately a strong blessing of bright light came down to him,
And henceforth all his endeavors had centered on Dharma path.


Last October while I was in Bei Jing, China, one day in the parking lot of a restaurant "Tian Chu Miao Xiang" (Wondrous Fragrance of Heavenly Kitchen) disciple Shi Yong told me that, years ago when he was reading Guru Chen's works, he suddenly had a thought, "Guru Chen was indeed an incarnation of Bodhisattva Manjusri." Immediately he sensed a very powerful blessing of bright light that took over him. Thus he realized that Dharma is of real substance, and henceforth he endeavored to pursuit Dharma teachings and practices. His whole life was henceforth transformed. Today while I was telling some Buddhists why I had such deep faith in the Dharma that I could dedicate my life to Dharma practices and services, this incident came to my mind, so I wrote it down to help people develop faith in the Dharma and in the lineage of Guru Chen.

I sent the above paragraph to Bei Jing for Shi Yong to verify my recollection. He sent back a detailed account of things leading to that inspiration experience in a file. So it is attached below:

Around 1994 I had learned Sutrayana teachings for 6 or 7 years, and even though I had deep faith in accomplished patriarchs of Vajrayana, nevertheless I could not figure out an approach to Vajrayana. Since I did not know the stages of the path in Vajrayana, I could not help guessing in theory what would be right or wrong, Buddha or Devil, and I was rather puzzled in my thoughts. One day some friend lent me the Complete Works of Guru Chen. At the time I knew only that it contained words of experiences of an earlier Dharma practitioner, and the contents arose some controversy. After I had carefully read it for some time, I was gradually moved and affected by the Guru's refined yet simple style and cogent reasoning. Especially statements in his Collection of Reflections are full of sharp feelings of Dharma that fulfill and transcend the space between heaven and earth, and made me simultaneously felt ashamed, regret, hairs-on-end, exclaim in praise, rejoice, respect, worship, and tears falling like rain, etc. Thus I could not help but to begin composing a praise in my mind to supplicate to the Guru for accepting and blessing me; and as I said, "Prostration to the incarnation of great compassion that is no different from Manjusri" suddenly I fainted, my breathing stopped and I did not feel that I had a body, a great brightness appeared and nothing else remained. It lasted for tens of minutes. As I woke up I felt like resurrected from death. Only then did I sense that the teaching in Stages of the Path that human birth is not easy to obtain was indeed meaningful. Only then did I know that real Guru of profound attainment could render blessings beyond comprehension. The above was a faithful account of my personal experience, without any false words, and I recorded it here as a testimony.

Written in Chinese on April 1, 2007
Translated into English on April 2, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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