Impression of Guru's Grace

Revised by Guru Lin
Written by disciple Yeo Jui Khin

Om Ah Hong Vajra Lotus, Oh, Guru Lin!

By the fate of togetherness the bodhihood promoted, grace of the
Holy Guru is like a vast sea being kept forever in mind,

Practicing and learning with honesty to drink Dharma nectar, forget
not the grace of Guru’s teachings.

Medicine Guru Buddha I take refuge in, twelve great vows are pledged
to preach throughout,

Practicing Dharma in this world to comprehend the truth, presenting
Dharma offerings to repay the Holy Guru’s grace.

The Holy Vajra Lotus is the savior, originally pure the true appearance,

Always carrying out the function of wisdom and compassion in this world, bringing benefits and peace with joy to sentient beings.

In carrying on Dharma services without knowing times passed by, may even expect to continue thus from life to life,

Feelings of sympathy for sentient beings take over that for yourself, your great kindness and compassion are no different from that of Guan Yin Bodhisattva.

May the Holy Guru Buddha always abide in this world, greatly saving all sentient beings to attain enlightenment soon!

Revised by Guru Lin
Reverently written by disciple Yeo Jui Khin in Chinese on March 19 of 2007, Kuching.
Translated into English by Yeo Jui Khin on March 22 of 2007.

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