Request Denied

Yutang Lin

Please scan Guru's calligraphy to share with all,
But give me the original for my in-depth study.
Tied by matters one will not serve Dharma well,
Request denied to help him become dragon alive.


Disciple Wang Hao asked me to write my work Rong Ru, Merging intoOneness, in calligraphy, and then to scan it for all to share but to give the original to him for his in-depth study. I did the calligraphy and then released the scanned file to all, but I denied him the original. On the one hand, I hope that thus he would learn that he is equal to everyone else. On the other hand,I don't want to see that he is tied down by small objects. If one grasps to accumulation of matters, how then could one serve all sentient beings that are of so many varieties well?

Today he wrote in an email to me that it was fortunate that I denied his request for the original. That saved him from graspingto Dharma treasures and released him into liveliness.

May this poem with commentary save more from grasping and send them into liveliness!

Written in Chinese and translated on March 6, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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