Always Complying

Yutang Lin

One deviant thought delayed advancement on the path for over a decade.
In the past I could not understand this, but now I fully comprehend it.
How could disciples' minds be thoroughly pure that they would always
Comply with Guru's commands and thereby receive the real transmission?


When I began to learn Vajrayana I studied some patriarchs' biographies. It was recorded that some disciple, due to one disrespectful and faithless thought, wasted more than a decade in his efforts on the path. At that time I thought to myself, how could the consequences be so devastating? Now that I have seen all sorts of people in their efforts on the path to enlightenment for over two decades, I realize that matters in the world are often like this--one deviant thought would yield distance of thousand miles apart with the turns of events.

May all sincere practitioners of Vajrayana be able to grasp not personal views and thereby become free from self-set limits, insist not personal opinions and thereby become free from devious digressions, and respect and have faith in the Guru completely so that they will always comply with the Guru's commands and thereby become able to receive complete transmission of blessings and guidance, and consequently make rapid advancement on the path to Enlightenment!

Written in Chinese on October 29, 2006
Translated on November 17, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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