Full Faith

Yutang Lin

In a dream received teachings on Dharma from the Guru,
Filled letter and envelop with words to present to teacher,
Guru taught solemnly that faith should be full in one piece,
Only then could one receive blessing and obtain real thing.


A disciple asked me in an email, what the meaning of the following dream would be: She saw me giving Dharma teachings to several of them, and she filled a letter and an envelop with words and then gave them to me. Then I solemnly told her that next time she should present the letter and the envelop together, but not separately.

It was a teaching dream. The meaning is that one's faith to Guru should be whole but not half and half. (In Chinese both letter and faith are signified by the same character Xin.) When one already knew to take refuge in the Guru one should have had fundamental understanding of the Guru to have such a faith. Once refuge is taken in the Guru, it should be full so as to receive the benefits of Tantric teachings. If faith is only half, then one would certainly be limited by one's prejudices and hindered by one's doubts, and consequently one would be unworthy of the Tantric lineage blessings. This disciple must have practiced diligently to have inspired the bestowal of such a teaching dream lest in the future she would make the mistake of maintaining only half-faith and miss the opportunity to receive blessings.

Believe or not, it could not be compelled. Nevertheless, as far as learning Tantra under a Guru is concerned, without full faith it just would not work. May those aspirants of Tantric practices know how to make wise choices between relying on the Guru and relying on oneself!

Written in Chinese on September 9, 2004
Day to make offerings to Dakinis
Translated on September 18, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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