Aborted Beings Waiting for Powa

Yutang Lin

Compassionate chest was fulfilled with aborted fetuses,
Vacant torso capable of bearing kids awaiting salvation.
All innocent victims of arbitrary decisions from long ago
Will soon attain Buddha's Pureland together through Powa.


During my trip in China I received an email from disciple Stanley Lam asking me to visit the maternity ward of some hospital as a token of embracing all aborted fetuses in China for Powa service. Yesterday while passing the Xie He hospital in Bei Jing in a car on the street I thought of using it as representative of the act of embracing all aborted fetuses in China. This morning while I was still asleep suddenly I saw the inside of my torso was bright and vacant of other things but fulfilled with many babies, one close to the other, forming concentric circles. I thought that it meant they had gathered in waiting for the Powa salvation. Tomorrow I will visit a local cemetery to perform Powa, and they will all be included in the service.

Written in Chinese on October 16, 2006 in Bei Jing, China
Translated on November 8, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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