Seal of Sunyata Pleasure

Yutang Lin

Yang unified with Sunyata is well received by Yin with pleasure.
Harmoniously united in secrecy and mutually fulfilling to therim.
The folded palms atop signify union of wisdom and compassion.
Received with empathetic tolerance to provide profound comforts.



In October of 2003 senior Upasaka Zhuang of Taipei, Taiwan granted me a small cylindrical sandalwood seal. The top of the seal is carved in the shape of folded palms that are slightly apart. In Tantra folded palms signify the cooperative union of wisdom and compassion, and the thin space in between signifies the emptiness of its substance. Soon thereafter I asked Upasaka Tan Seong Yeow to carve it into Kong (Sunyata) Le (Pleasure) seal with the following suggestion: Kong above in line strokes and Le below in blank strokes, thus to signify the union of Sunyata and Pleasure in Tantric Love practices. And the two characters are to fulfill the round surface to signify that Sunyata pleasures are full and harmonious. The side of the folded palms atop that is fully open is to face the user of the seal so as to signify reception by Sunyata pleasure. Yesterday I received a fax telling me that Seong Yeow had accomplished the creative work. The upper part of the Kong character he carved made use of the circumference, and its lower part forms part of the Le character below and is therefore inseparable therefrom, and thus fully displays the subtle meaning of secret union in harmony. Here I carefully recorded these wondrous Dharma activities and attached a stamp of this seal below for all to share in appreciation of its artistry.

Written in Chinese on November 28, 2003
Translated on July 22, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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