Active Aspect of Non-Self

Yutang Lin

In the absence of Self, there is no self-set limitations.
Floating along currents and is capable of adjustment.
Experienced through trials, one matures into harmony.
In salvation deeds varieties of skillful means displayed.


Non-Self does not amount to indolent inactivity. Rather, it implies the capacity to appreciate real situations with clarity of mind, and, without separating from the compassion born of realization of oneness of all, naturally respond adequately to situations. Furthermore, owing to the absence of self-set limitations, one would be able to develop continuously one's potentials, and through experiences gained in going through situations that came and gone one's wisdom and compassion mature toward unification in harmony. Thus, one gradually comprehended all sorts of skillful means in thesalvation of all beings toward enlightenment.

Written in Chinese on June 27, 2006
Translated on July 2, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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