Universal Chod

Yutang Lin

In dream curved-knife cut through joints of limbs in blessing,
Immediately all joints of limbs to body felt relaxed and light.
Universally cut through all associations created by our minds,
In the absence of delusions and illusions original purity revives.


In 1996 during the course of my writing of the book, "Chod in Limitless-Oneness," in a dream I saw a curved-knife cut through the four joints that connect my limbs to the body, and immediately all those areas felt relaxed and I understood that it was the blessing of the releasing effect of Chod. This morning while I was asleep suddenly I comprehended that, if the principle of such blessing is applied universally to cutting through all associations to matters and objects that are created by our minds, then all delusions and illusions would be cleared away. Our worries never ceased because our mental association never stopped. If one could universally Chod (cut through) mental associations, then one would immediately resume the tranquility of original purity.

Written in Chinese on June 6, 2006
Taipei, Taiwan
Translated on June 30, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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