Praise to the Ocean-like Assembly of All Protectors

Written in Chinese by Guru C. M. Chen
Translated by His Disciple Yutang Lin

Veneration to the Root of Holy Karma, the Ocean-like Assembly of All Holy Wisdom-Protectors and Karma-Protectors!

Non-substantial and open mind,
In oneness of all yet non-abiding,
Steadfastly observing Silas of Dharma Nature,
Secret of Mind is to guard the original state. (Wen Du Jia Po)

Single tooth as sharp as Phurba,
Single breast pouring nectars,
Single eye beholds with compassion,
Compassion pervades the Three Non-abidings. (Ekajati)

Wisdom eyes blink all over the body,
Upholding the tip of the Nine Yanas,
Shooting arrows up into the sky,
One right at another, none will fall down. (Rahula)

Determined and ever diligent,
Moving at the speed of lightning,
Raising Dharma hammer up high,
Who dares to stay in the way of such great force? (Damchen Dorje Legpa)

Yidam, father and son,
Serving also as Dharma protectors,
Phurba so sharp,
It renders devils to pass away well. (Dorje Phurba)

Auspicious Mahakala,
Appearing from immovable Dharma Nature,
Guardian of supreme and common Yanas,
Original face of Adi Buddha. (Paldan Lhamo and Mahakala in Union)

Body for play of wondrous pleasure,
Secretly induce and tame,
Ha Ha He He,
To help mature Tummo. (Four-arm Mahakala)

Compassion of all in oneness, free from causal conditions,
Inspired responses to calls for help like echoes,
Just as a mother remembering her child,
No calls heard without attending. (Six-arm Mahakala)

In charge of protection of Dharma in all Chinese communities,
Demonstrating more awesome power when facing dangers,
Without Your endeavors,
Whom else could I return to safety with? (General Wei Tuo)

Horse neighs in winds blowing vigorously,
Dharma lamp has only flickering flame remained,
Precious banner resurrected,
Cut off jealousy and destroy hardship and dangers. (Hayagriva)

Power of wealth and power of authority,
Each of the Three Honorable Ones can attract both,
With elephant trunk, arrow, hook and rope,
Nowhere in the Dharmadhatu cannot be reached. (Three Red Honorable Ones)

Six thousand thousand millions Buddhas,
Jointly transformed into Thee,
Wherever devils and hindrances are,
They will be consumed by huge flaming fire. (Acalanatha, Immovable Wisdom King)

Five Longevity Dakinis,
Wisdom and Holy Karma,
To love is to serve,
Truth and worldliness mutually match well. (Longevity Dakinis)

Transformed from Yidam (Supreme Pleasure Vajra),
Husband and wife both awesome and ferocious,
Sunyata and pleasure indistinguishable,
Leading practitioners to enter the supreme realm. (Luo Cha Yi Hu)

Where Avatamsaka Sutra originated,
Dragon Palace stores much treasures,
Moving on clouds to grant rains,
Great Earth baths in Your gracious blessings. (Dragon King)

Great roc with golden wings,
That can cover the Three Realms,
Myriads of poisons can be dispelled,
Evil dragons could not cause harms. (Garuda)

Personally guarding Dharma propagations,
Upholding the horse-feet of Guru Rinpoche's mount,
Gracious blessings of the Four Heavenly Kings,
Were much obliged during my retreat years. (Four Heavenly Kings of the Cardinal Directions)

The master in charge of all devil armies,
All in the Three Realms are overwhelmed,
At ease in inducing and attraction,
Mutually dependent without defeats. (Mahadeva)

Transformed from Yamantaka,
Guardian of heart essence teachings,
Protecting and upholding incessantly,
With single eye none dares to stare at. (Honorable Zhua)

The scorpion in Guru Rinpoche's hand,
Once tamed and taken refuge, no more trespasses,
Great strength can be put to use,
Wisely like Lu Ban, a master carpenter, applying his ax. (Honorable Great Strength)

In malicious, ferocious and wrathful form,
Brave might shatters devils and enemies,
With inconceivable supernatural powers,
Maintaining vows to help grand achievements. (Great General Yaksa)

Transforming at will as empty sky,
The black female master of thousand protectors,
Capable of swallowing all in the Three Realms of Existence,
Granting lion's milk to Buddha's sons. (Paldan Lhamo)

Male and female, birds and animals, of Your retinue,
Engaging in hooking, killing, and all the rest of the Eight Activities,
Knocking bones and sucking marrows,
All Four Devils are swallowed up together.

All things in the presence of black color,
Transforming and again transforming incessantly,
Immeasurable yet free from pollutions,
Never lost the original face.

Lion, tiger, deer, horse, donkey, goat, dragon, ox,
All of them with supernatural ability to transport,
Tracing after calls for help to relieve sufferings,
Treading devils with such cruelty.

Curved-knife, hatchet, Phurba, sword,
Bow, arrow, lance, staff, hammer,
Hook, rope, lock and bell,
Weapons displayed at four borders.

Hong, Pei, Ma, Jue, Zhi,
Cuo, Xie, Ha, Bang, Tong,
Ma, La, Ya, Pei,
To render dead and render being confused.

Tiger, leopard, elephant, human, skin,
Bone, flesh, blood, heart, intestines,
Banner spreading in victory,
Awesome power is so conspicuous.

One should steadfastly observe the Silas of Dharma Nature,
Complicated rules of conduct will then be naturally included,
My mind aspires toward such state,
You should remember Your vows!

Devil of Death, Devil of Interruption,
Devil of Heaven, Devil of Sorrows,
Completely annihilated,
You should remember Your vows!

Illness of Chan, illness of the Four Elements,
Illness of wind, illness of contagious nature,
Can no longer invade,
You should remember Your vows!

Robbers, thieves, and the rest of Eight Hindrances,
Adverse conditions will not cause disturbances,
Calamities and hindrances all pacified,
You should remember Your vows!

Clothing, food, residence and Dakini,
Luck, longevity, authority, wealth, fame,
Opportune conditions gathered,
You should remember Your vows!

Thirty-seven branches of Bodhi,
Eight Virtues and Five Kayas of Buddhas all together,
The fruit of Buddhahood is accomplished,
You should remember Your vows!


In the lunar year Xin Si (1941) composed in the retreat hut at Lu Huo County, Xi Kang, China

Translated into English on August 25, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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