Praise to Five Longevity Dakinis

Written in Chinese by Guru C. M. Chen
Translated by His Disciple Yutang Lin

Veneration to the Private Protectresses of Patriarch Milarepa, the Five Longevity Dakinis!

Guru Milarepa of snowy mountains
Taught marrow of practice in His stanza on Three Arrivals.
As His aspiration corresponded to the Right Dharma,
Holy Dakinis constantly accompanied Him.

Buddha of Boundless Life with compassion penetrating bones,
Transformed and displayed the Nine Postures.
To nourish Wisdom and Holy Karma,
The Five Dakinis shouldered both classes of activities.

Wish-fulfilling Non-death grease
Capable of relieving the hunger for Sunyata Bliss,
Light of Vajra flaming bright,
Liberated fearless lion! (Central Dakini)

Holding Wisdom Mirror at chest,
Image of Ten Dharma Realms are therein,
Upholding high the Banner of Dharma,
Constantly and tirelessly protect the teachings! (Eastern Dakini)

Supreme Pleasure tamed tiger's ignorance,
Wondrous flavor generously shared widely,
Releasing gems in boundless measures,
Granting kindness with equal mind. (Southern Dakini)

Longevity vase is pond of nectars,
Provisions are determined to arrange for,
Taming sentient beings like taming deer,
Constantly maintain wondrous conditions. (Western Dakini)

Suitable for auspicious seat,
Taming greed and enjoying renunciation,
As lively as a dragon,
No doubt will realize fruitful attainments. (Northern Dakini)

Time passed would not come again!
Impermanence is urging daily.
Task heavy while path extensive,
Prolonging life depends on your cultivation.

Having renounced, intentions became like ashes,
Staying in a remote mountain, how could this be a way to attract wealth?
The precious youthful-vase body
How could it be free from calamities without Your protection?

Wondrous body, nest of safety and pleasure,
How is Innate Bliss?
As soon as favored by Your loving protection,
Instantly realized Amitabha!

Worldly affairs are like illusive flowers,
I am determined to live on nettles,
Such single-minded sincerity should inspire
You to remember Your vows!

What Samaya depends on,
Open channels and body floats to fly,
Truth and common sense match,
You should remember Your vows!

Silas, Samadhi and Wisdom are to be completed with Your help,
Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya and Nirmanakaya are to be accomplished through You,
Coming into being, coming into being,
You should remember Your vows!

Light that shines brightly without ceasing,
Pervading in ten directions through past, present and future,
Attaining the Non-death body,
You should remember Your vows!

With virtuous merits as my Guru (Milarepa),
Wondrous Lotus please bestow compassion on me,
Arrive here, arrive here,
You should remember Your vows!

In lunar March of the year Yi You (1945) composed at Tian Long Yan, Heavenly Dragon Cliff, to the East of You County, Hunan, China

Translated into English on August 23, 2005
El Cerrito, California

Note: The Tibetan names of the Longevity sisters is Tseringma.

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