Praise to Wen Du Jia Po

Written in Chinese by Guru C. M. Chen
Translated by His Disciple Yutang Lin

Veneration to the Great Protector King of Great Equanimity, Capable of Eliminating both Grasping to Holiness and That to Worldliness!

Appearing from the Wisdom Brightness of Innate Awakening,
Attended personally by those free from both sides of duality,
Great protection maintained in constantly guarding nothing,
This is the secret of minds of Buddhas as well as of beings.

With two heads, two feet and two pairs of hands,
Drawing two bows, about to shoot arrows,
Upper hands shooting to the right to eliminate the concept of a Buddha,
Lower hands shooting to the left to disperse grasping to worldliness.

Two heads, one above the other, and both are semi-wrathful,
Amid yellow color there is visible hue of red color,
Yellow signifies Wisdom of Equality that can induce,
Red signifies all in the Dharmadhatu that are attracted.

Accomplishing supreme or common merits as opportunities arise,
Possessing both sides of duality, yet free from them in their oneness.
Other parts of Your body is of dark blue color,
Your two feet stood firmly on the ground of immovable reality.

To demonstrate that all are ready-made and originally fulfilled,
Your whole body is naked without any ornamental adornment.
Devils are self-bound by dualistic perverse views,
The arrows deliver compassionate power to set them free!

Applying Wisdom of Equality and that of Discernment simultaneously,
Your four hands automatically accomplish the Four Salvation Activities.
The Four Silas of Dharma Nature such as Non-abiding,
Non-substantial, Openness and Oneness,
Whoever can maintain no infringement of them will be protected.
Those with Great Bodhicitta always come to You to pay homage!

Translated into English on August 23, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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