Supplication to All Dakinis for Recalling Their Vows


Written in Chinese by Guru C. M. Chen

Translated by His Disciple Yutang Lin



Veneration to the Grand Master of Dakinis, Vajra Yogini!

Veneration to Vows of Dakinis!


Dakinis form the Root of Sunyata Bliss,

Yielding Wisdom Bliss and Lotus Pleasure,

Capable of helping practitioners to attain Vajra-holder,

I supplicate that You remember Your vows!


Where Dusum Khyenpa attained Buddhahood,

Ka Ma Ye Bi is still in sight,

You had vowed in the presence of Vajrapani

That You would be practitioners' consort to help their attainment.

This practitioner had developed great Bodhicitta

To attain Non-death Fruit in this body within this life.

As the basis of the Root of Sunyata Bliss

I supplicate that You remember Your vows!


Transgressions of Silas not yet purified, I should purify them,

Supplication not sincere enough, I should be whole-hearted,

Mahamudra still shallow, I should endeavor to attain it profound,

Wind practices not yet mastered, I should endeavor to master them,

Wisdom Drops not yet fulfilled, I should endeavor to keep them full.

The vows made at Ka Ma Ye Bi,

The vows made in the presence of Vajrapani,

I solemnly supplicate that You readily recall them,

And immediately appear here to be my helpful consort!


Faith and Compassion mutually matched,

Instantaneously You should be in my presence;

Even though You have not appeared in three or five years,

As long as there is a breath in me I will not lose my faith!

Holding on to my causes I shall eventually obtain the fruits,

No appearance of Dakini still will not hurt my causes;

Even if in this life no appearance of Dakini is favored me,

At the moment of dying my faith will not regress!


Life after life I will continue to supplicate You constantly,

Eventually there will be the auspicious time of Your arrival;

Your vows will not be vacuous promises to practitioners,

Thus can be guaranteed by the Master of Secret Tantra (Vajrapani).

Your arrival is certainly a condition conducive to accomplishment,

Lack of Your presence encourages practitioners to be more diligent;

To benefit sentient beings soon may Your arrival be moved forward,

Such faith should be in concord with Your great compassion!

The vows made at Ka Ma Ye Bi,

The vows made in the presence of Vajrapani,

I solemnly supplicate that You readily recall them,

And immediately appear here to be my helpful consort!


In the past a Tibetan Guru made a pilgrimage to India

And was fortunate enough to meet Mother Buddha Niguma

Descending from sky to grant him great initiations,

And then met Mother Guru Sukhasiddhi

Who granted him initiations and became his consort for life!

Both the Great Patriarch Thangtong Gyalpo

And his disciple Da Na La Da

Met Dakinis at their respective opportune time.

With a body entangled by sinful karmas

I was born into this Kali Age of degenerated teachings;

My faith dare not be inferior to those of the ancient Gurus,

Your compassion should be superior to those of the ancient Dakinis!


Ancient Gurus Saraha,

Savaripa and Rahula,

All relied on Dakinis to attain great accomplishments;

May I follow their suit and reach Enlightenment!

Guru Virupa was granted initiation by Nairatmya (Non-self-Mother),

And instantly attained realization of the Sixth Bhumi (sixth ground of Bodhisattva);

Extremely wondrous and supreme causal conditions such as this,

May I instantaneously realize within this session!


Through the grace of Guru I had learned teachings on Vajra Love, (note)

The Twenty-four Mandalas are still not hidden,

How could such profound and expansive grace be repaid?

Only through earlier arrival of Your Holy Presence,

To be my Guru and mutually we depend on each other,

Until accomplishment of Non-death without departure,

And abide long among heavenly or human beings to guide them,

To the Root of Sunyata Bliss thus I earnestly supplicate!


Composed in the retreat hut Fairyland Hermitage, North India on lunar 25th of June in the year Wu Zi (1948).


Note: For those who had made pilgrimage to the Buddhist holy sites in India this sentence may be replaced by the following sentence:

Through the grace of Buddha I had arrived at the supreme sites,


Translated into English on August 22, 2005

El Cerrito, California



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