Mind Free from Attachments

Yutang Lin

Mind free from attachments
Is the state of realization of Bodhisattvas
It is due to comprehension that
All views and understandings based on knowledge
And preferences and dislikes biased grasped
Are like hazy fogs surrounding mind's eyes
Abruptly drop and leave them
One immediately returns to the original freedom of no attachments

When one runs into a grasping being
If one were to attempt persuasion by words
Often it is similar to stirring fogs within fogs
Rather put up with each other in no disturbance
And wait for fogs to dissipate by themselves

For a practitioner to reflect on oneself
No better way than to be aware of what attachments have arisen
And renounce them

Written in Chinese and translated on July 20, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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