Praise to Father and Mother Supreme Pleasure

From a Traditional Praise to Supreme Pleasure Vajra and His Consort Vajra Yogini in Tibetan translated through interpreter into Chinese by Guru C. M. Chen
Translated from Chinese into English by His Disciple Yutang Lin

Weng, Veneration in the Presence of Bhagavan (World Honored One) Brave-Father-At- Ease!

Amid vehemently burning flames like the fire of Great Fire Kalpa,
With hairs tied together upward in the shape of Buddha's flesh topknot,
Four fangs powerful and fierce, and countenance much awe-inspiring,
Thousand kinds of light emitting from His body are flamingly bright,
His hands hold curved knife, hatchet, noose, spear, and heavenly staff,
Wearing tiger fur as skirt and heavenly garment as clothing,
I prostrate and praise in Your holy presence that is like smoke in dark color!

Weng, Veneration in the Presence of Mother Bhagavan, Vajra Yogini!

Holy Mother, Mother of the Three Realms, Unsurpassable and Named "At-Ease" Mother,
Feared-by-Bu-Duo Mother, Mother of Constant Dripping, Mother of Vajra Great Nature,
Vajra Throne Mother, Others-Cannot-Excel-and-Eyes-Swirling Mother,
Capable-of-Exhausting-Poisons Mother, Wrathful Mother, Mother with Fangs,
Honorable and Supreme Mother, Capable-of-Rendering-Beings-Foolish-Dull-and-Ignorant Mother,
I prostrate and praise in the presence of Supreme-Yoga Yogini, At-Ease-with-Desires Mother!

Translated into English on August 16, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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