Wisdom Sword of Acalanatha

Yutang Lin

Wisdom sword transformed from the Vajra of Wisdom,
Pure and bright, standing straight, away from hindrance,
Using rope with hook to induce, lead and give guidance,
So beings will return from stray paths and make progress.


This morning before I woke up I saw a clean and bright long sword stood straight up, and realized that the wisdom sword, which transformed from a Vajra of Wisdom, as held by Acalanatha, (in Chinese, Bu Dong Ming Wang, the Immovable King of Wisdom), was of the same posture. Then I received instruction to confirm this. I think the upright station of the wisdom sword signifies that original purity is away from worldly hindrances and abides in liberation. As to the rope held in the other hand of Acalanatha, usually its function is understood as for tying devils. However, I notice that it has hooks attached to its ends, and hence construe that, due to the great wisdom of Acalanatha in rendering skillful teachings, the rope should also be used in leading and guiding sentient beings so that they will stay off stray paths and constantly follow the right Dharma course. May I through the blessing of the King of Wisdom become able to employ Vajra hands and arms in using His wisdom sword and rope to convert sentient beings far and wide!

Written in Chinese and translated on August 10, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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