Yutang Lin

Mind's murmurs on the practice path recorded in poems after poems,
Tailor-made into beautiful and useful bookmarkers for people to share.
Just as the person's circumstances needed, guidance was found therein.
Bodhi opportunities and connections are beyond normal comprehension!


An Upasaka (he likes to make anonymous contributions, hence his last name is omitted here) in Taipei came up with the idea to select some of my poems in Chinese or English, and use computer to design and produce bookmarkers containing them for free distribution. Over the years he had made dozens of bunches, each bunch contained dozens of kinds, and each kind consisted of about 10 bookmarkers. Be it the colors, formats, images added, fonts, etc., there are always new variations that are pleasing to the eyes and tastes. Furthermore, the website address of Guru Chen's Homepage is also added on the bookmarkers so that thereby people may track down more works. Ever since their circulation they have been much welcomed. Dharma friends often took more to share with friends and relatives. Those book-requests that came through the website of Guru Chen were also recipients of such bookmarkers included with the gift of books. The most interesting thing is that, often when the bookmarkers were given out randomly to a few people, we soon discovered that each and every recipient felt that the guidance contained therein was just suitable for their individual situations. Thus we realized that Bodhi opportunities and connections were led and guided mysteriously through karmic causations, and hence beyond ordinary comprehension.

Written in Chinese on August 2, 2005
Translated on August 3, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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