Dragon Circumambulating the Boat

Yutang Lin

Upon eyes closed a dragon circumambulating the boat was in view.
'Tis to venerate the Bodhi in offering vases to help sentient beings.
The blessing of Powa practice rendered people to return to Sunyata.
Karmic hindrances removed to the extent that body feels like floating.


Today Upasaka Shan Zhong Li and his relatives came to visit. He described in details the inspirational experiences he had had on June 25 during our Dharma activities. He and a few Buddhists accompanied me to the DragonPalace on that day to offer 32 vases, including the special vase number 2500. Since his inspirational experiences were rather unusual, I had written them down here:

When I went out to sea in a small boat to offer the vases Upasaka Li was ashore repeating the Dragon King mantra and holding the Dragon King mudra. As soon as he closed his eyes he saw clearly that I was on the boat and the boat was speeding out to sea, simultaneously there was a dragon on the surface of the ocean that kept moving up and down to emerge from and submerge into the water while circumambulating the boat. When he opened his eyes the view ceased. But as soon as he closed his eyes again, the same view appeared again vividly.

Later that day on our way home we stopped by a cemetery for me to perform Powa there. When I was about to practice Powa he followed my advice in repeating silently "Amitabha Buddha." As soon as I began to perform Powa all of a sudden the two Buddhists that stood on his left and right side disappeared from his sight, and he felt blessing power came to his body causing him to feel like he is going to float away.

Dragon circumambulating the boat is similar to our circumambulating Buddha or stupa, and hence it signified showing respect to the Bodhi intention and activities in offering vases to help sentient beings. The blessing of Powa rendered people by his sides to return to Sunyata and helped removed his karmic hindrances to the extent that he felt like floating, that was also rather rare.

Written in Chinese and translated on July 6, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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