Return to Silence

Yutang Lin

Right or devious is difficult to discern but easy to be misjudged.
Intentions and realizations vary as much as heaven and earth.
When wrongly accused a practitioner would return to silence.
Let the outcomes be determined by Buddhas and protectors!


As one proceeds on the path of Dharma practice it is inevitable that one would encounter misunderstandings, wrongful accusations, defamation, controversies, etc. Worldly views and practitioner's ways, bases of different views and their degrees of understanding of the Dharma, all vary to such an extent that meaningful communications would be only difficult if not impossible. At such junctures a practitioner had better return to silence, and continue only with Dharma practices, without wasting time and energy in trying to explain matters. Truth of matters and reasons must take long time to gradually become clear. While human conflicts would be judged and settled in ways beyond human awareness by Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Dharma protectors. May sincere and dedicated practitioners learn how to respond through this work, and not to move around after worldly tempos!

Written in Chinese and translated on July 2, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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