Unconditional Good Will

Yutang Lin

Sincere well wishing is free from conditions.
If expectation mingled, personal wish fused.
Causality of whole Dharmadhatu is only fair.
Partiality is only due to still remain ignorant.


In praying for sentient beings to soon attain full enlightenment do not mingle choice paths and fruits that are born of personal expectations. This is because the causal relationships of each being and that of the Dharmadhatu as a whole are all very complicated, so much so that it is beyond ordinary conjecture and investigation, and could not be altered by personal wishes. We could only pray fairly and universally, and try to provide Dharma services to all with an equal attitude.

Written in Chinese on April 24, 2005
Translated on April 25, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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