Waiting for Maturity

Yutang Lin

Wishing to wait for an end to worldly matters, that date will never arrive.
While devotion to Dharma still immature it is hard to make drastic move.
As autumn winds began to blow leaves would fall at every turn in droves.
Fruits, as they turned ripe, would fall one after another and scatter around.


On the path of Dharma practice the first pass is renunciation of worldly engagements. Wishing to wait for a closure of some matters, there will be no date of separation from worldly affairs. While devotion to Dharma is still immature there could hardly be drastic actions taken. Since there is no way to compel fruition, one simply waits for its gradual maturation. Through Buddas' merciful blessings the climate for maturity approaches completion. While autumn winds are blowing leaves off fallen ripe fruits are all over the ground.

Written in Chinese on April 14, 2005
Translated on April 15, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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