Hope Possible

Yutang Lin

In front of eyes are confusing situations; one's mind deeply distressed.
All efforts toward solution move cumbersomely; hard to set mind free.
Fruits of karma already present are certainly not easy to be remedied
Cultivation of causal conditions renders hope for better result possible.


Seeing the confusing states of the world nowadays and the cumbersome approaches to reaching some settlement of the problems, a Dharma friend felt much distressed and therefore raised the question: "How should we view all these in the light of Dharma?"

Situations already present were consequences of karmas, and hence it is certainly not an easy matter to try to remedy them. The reason why we are dedicating our efforts toward Dharma practices and activities is to contribute toward fundamental redress through cultivation of causal conditions so that gradual improvements of causal consequences could be expected. All phenomena are shaped by the coming together of causal conditions, and hence reasonable cultivation of causal conditions could be expected to yield profound and far-reaching impacts on final outcomes.

Once the above is understood, then we no longer need to be pessimistic or feel despair toward the future. As long as we maintain reasonable efforts we could expect that situations will gradually change for the better.

Written in Chinese and translated on March 30, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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