Gradually Released Yutang Lin

Without intentions, naturally in harmony with the truth;
With attachments one falls into deviation and mistakes.
Great course of all things flows according to causality;
Engulfed in delusions one could hardly realize the fact.
Pushed and pulled by karmic and causal connections,
Right now nothing could be done to avert the situation.
Cultivate merits and wisdom to untie the entanglement;
In the long run one would gradually attain broadness.


Running and operation of causality far exceeds individual preferences and expectations. Ordinarily people are trapped within biased grasping, and hence could hardly realize that their self-limited views are deviations from facts. Within the entanglement of causes and consequences, how could one turn around all of a sudden? Only by acting in accordance with causal rules to endeavor to cultivate merits and wisdom could one in the long run gradually attain openness and smoothness in life.

Written in Chinese and translated on January 6, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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