Free from Anger 

Yutang Lin

Anger is born of grasping and rises along the flow of situations.
With self-righteousness it would be even more difficult to abate.
Maintain continuation of pure thoughts to escape narrow biases.
Use kind words and gentle speeches to induce harmoniousness.


Anger rooted in grasping. With self-righteousness it would be aflame even more. After long years of Dharma practices one gradually escapes from narrow biases, and only then could one realize the difficulty to achieve and the preciousness of kind and gentle speeches, attitudes and behaviors. The first step in building the foundation for a world in peace rests in sentient beings' self-realization of the importance of cultivating harmony and accord. For the Study for the Cultivation of Harmony (the name of my study) this would be a very difficult task with a long way toward its realization, hence I should endeavor continuously.

Written in Chinese and translated on December 19, 2004
El Cerrito, California


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