Dharma Connections

Dr. Yutang Lin

From Dharma point of view regarding all beings with equal compassion,
Depth and duration of Dharma connections evolve naturally in each case.
Works done along the path to propagate Dharma aim at beings anywhere,
They would not fall into the worldly trap of haggling over favor and grudge.


To a propagator of Dharma all beings are in oneness and hence there could not be any preference. As to the degree of depth, the length of duration and all sorts of twists and turns on the path in the case of each individual, they all depend on that individual's propensity and karmic connections, and hence they could evolve only naturally. Works on Dharma are written in view of all beings in the Dharmadhatu and for all eternity and hence are not addressing specifically to someone and some event at some particular juncture of time and space. Once this point is understood, such writings would not fall into the worldly pattern of haggling over favor and grudge but could instead offer help as reflection and guidance on the path.

Written in Chinese on November 2, 2004
Translated on November 9, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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