Resuming Speech

Yutang Lin

Refraining from being outspoken due to unspeakable privacy.
Resuming speech after hesitation out of impassioned sincerity.
Well understood that advices could scarcely make differences.
Instead make rooster crows to wake up beings for all eternity.


Each has had privacy; when unspoken it remains a worry. Pondering over entanglements, refrained from being outspoken. Advices repeatedly offered; seldom saw them being accepted and followed. Well understood that changes are difficult to come about; let it be and wanted to retire. Even though appreciative listeners were scarce; whoever comprehended the significance did benefit from it. Intending to help cross Samsara safely for beings in all eternity, I make rooster crows incessantly.

Written in Chinese on October 16, 2004
Translated on October 17, 2004
El Cerrito, California
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