Receiving All

Yutang Lin

Not striving toward simplicity and purity of how one lives,
Accommodating to situations to indicate no grasping at all.
Receive and guide universally to help all kinds of requests,
On the Bodhisattva path one acts harmonious communion.


Some said that a practitioner should have no worldly intentions and hence it is enough to remain simple and pure in one's way of life. Nevertheless, on the path of learning to become a Bodhisattva the emphasis is on benefiting all sentient beings; furthermore, precisely because of the realization of non-self such a practitioner would accommodate to situations to the point of not refusing to receive and guide anyone. Superficially it would appear to be busy in corresponding and entertaining, yet in reality it is merely compassionate responding to requests that came from all directions, without the operation of any personal intentions. To train non-self and no grasping in real life, one would not mind complications and tediousness, nor care to distinguish between busy and leisure, but would only stay steadfast with Bodhicitta and live harmoniously in the world.

Written in Chinese on August 28, 2004
Translated on September 1, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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