In Accordance with Causal Conditions

Yutang Lin

Practice "no self"  by always remaining in accord with causal conditions.
Floating along the flow without attachments is easier to escape freely.
Sentient beings and Buddhas are all artificially created in names only,
Roaming free in harmonious oneness that is bright and empty allover.


        "Always yield to sentient beings" is a saying from the Sutra that is difficult to comprehend and difficult to practice. When it is misunderstood one would just sink into sorrows with the worldlings. The distinction of sentient beings and Buddhas was established as a pedagogical convenience. When "no self" is thoroughly comprehended how could one still remain stagnant in words and names? Directly recognize causal conditions, and always remain in accord with causal conditions so as to become free of attachments and grasping. Sticky bindings would gradually peel off while wisdom and compassion would grow profound. No chasing after bygones and staying away from expectations, just roam freely in harmonious oneness that is bright, empty, serene and peaceful.

Written in Chinese and translated on June 7, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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