Refuge in Guru

Yutang Lin

Following orders faithfully is the tantric way to take refuge in Guru.
Relying on someone to such extent could hardly be taken seriously.
Long since one had realized Guru's attainments through inspirations,
Only then knew one to abide by teachings sincerely and accurately.


Vajrayana emphasizes taking refuge in Guru. Often it is strongly recommended that a disciple should follow Guru's orders in all matters. For ordinary people who are new to this kind of teachings, most of them would think that it is hardly feasible to rely on someone to such an extent. In real life only very few could take this kind of thorough refuge in Guru. Those who had actually taken such refuge in their Gurus all had had sufficient inspirational experiences to realize that their Gurus were indeed representatives of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

Written in Chinese and translated on April 28, 2004
The 10th of the Lunar month, date to make offerings to Gurus
El Cerrito, California

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