Maintaining Respect

Yutang Lin

Mutually dependent origination forms a continuous chain;
Bits and pieces, limbs and branches, all are interconnected.
Thoroughly understanding this truth, all prejudices are lost.
One had better practice often to maintain respect for beings.


All phenomena arise as interconnected conditions to one another; hence, chain reactions propagate incessantly in cyclic flows. Once this is comprehended, then it is readily seen that any bit or piece, tiny limb or twig, has its function related to the flow of all as a totality. From the point of view of the universal totality any distinction of high and low, heavy and light, is based on some prejudice that could not be sustained for long. Therefore, one has not only nothing to be proud of (see my recent poem with this title) but also had better practice often to maintain a respectful attitude toward all beings. Only thus could one merge into truth.

Written in Chinese on January 30, 2004
Translated on February 2, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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