Conditional Origination

Yutang Lin

All phenomena, apparent or invisible, are mutually dependent conditions.
One works on transforming given conditions so as to affect improvement.
Worldly matters are so variegated and complicated; who could dominate?
Accommodating in accordance with situations, let's adapt to get harmony.

Eventual salvation could be expected as suitable conditions are worked on.
Even though it's as scanty as a thin layer of cotton, one exerts full strength.
Compassionate feelings for sentient beings' suffering gush up like a spring.
Fortunately under Buddhas' blessings spiritual guidance remains incessant.


To comprehend the absence of inherent existence one should observe conditional origination. Mutually dependent as causal conditions, all phenomena are apparent or invisible. Working on improvements one should gather favorable conditions. Variegated and complicated are situations and conditions; none could dominate the flow of events. Accommodating to given situations to achieve temporary harmony.

Feeling pitiful for sentient beings' severe sufferings, compassion gushes up like a fountain. Comprehending conditional origination of all phenomena, eventual salvation could be expected. Doing one's best even though it is scanty. Fortunately, under Buddhas' blessings, salvation service to all beings will never cease.

Written in Chinese on January 14, 2004
Translated on January 25, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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