Yutang Lin

Favors, grudges, love and hatred a heavy curtain rolled down;
Clarity in even-mindedness became the clear sky outside fog.
'Tis already rare that someone would not be trapped in haggle,
Even more so to avail encounters to train in even-mindedness.


Favors and grudges are complicatedly mixed; love and hatred are deep and persistent. Under such circumstances, how many could remain free from prejudices? To haggle with and entangle one another is clearly comprehended as of no benefits, and hence left alone; this is already the situation of only a few. Disregard grudges but remember favors instead, and practice virtuous deeds to amend harmony to the extent that one benefits others in selfless ways; this is really hard to achieve. In even-mindedness of oneness beyond duality, all are seen fair and equal; as occasions arise teachings are given and conversions promoted, thus Bodhi flows and reveals through Dharma activities.

Written in Chinese on October 23, 2003
Translated on October 25, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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